April 30, 2007

Praise God

The last few days have been one filled with wonder. Where it seems a call to go somewhere and be. And so I did, the need was great to be there too. So I attended my first healing Mass, and let myself be touched. Lord God what a blessing it was too. What a feeling when falling from the Spirits touch. And the warmth, my God, the joy that filled my being, tremendous. What glorious peace. Earlier I had the thought of how empty I felt, but it was part of what I was to go through and understand. For a while I have been using my hands and for some reason not letting go of what was becoming a part of me. I found out I too needed to find a way to let it go. This was part of what I had to learn. Whatever other trials I have physically they are part of my cross to bear. Dear God and today you touched me in ways I long forgot about.

But the best is when I came out of the Diocese offices and unlocked my car to hear "I Believe" playing on the CD of Mark Forrest. And the key was not in the ignition, and when I did put it in, the radio went off. God does have a beautiful way of telling us he believes in us when we are open to his love. This is the second time this happened and I am not chalking it up to electrical oddities, too much in my life has been going on for that to be. Whether it be in coincidences or some other things that are not part of things, it is God's hand that I see in these things. Not all but the one's that truly stand out for notice. And even then some of the small stuff can be accounted also when it is discerned. Especially when uncertainty is present. I have come to know the difference in what God gives and what is not. Anyway trusting in God is always first.

I'm glad that I can write about this stuff, but mostly about God's gifts and his love. Sometimes we are so busy in our life that we fail to see his love touch us in ways that we take for granted. Like what he did today, someone else would have not thought it God's way of saying anything, just a fluke. But I go beyond the normal and see the Divine in most everything. That's love for God when we see his hand in everything. And I'm so glad to be blessed by his love. Praise God!

I did fail to mention that there have been two recent people who have been healed that was read to those present at the healing service. The Holy Spirit is at work and Praise God for his ministers of healing at La Salette.

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