April 15, 2007


Praise God and all the mercy he gives. I took my walk and had some profound thoughts, and now am lost to what they were. I think I will start by either carrying a small pad and pencil or a mini recorder. It was really good too. But then it was also a moment of conversation with God.

Many times lately I have been thinking how much God is love but also truth and how he does so much for us. I have an older Bible, the one that I had read once all the way through. At break time, over twenty years ago I would open it up and read passages. Back then I highlighted those passages too. A lot of them are in Psalms. One day I had gone back to look at it and highlighted more. What was amazing, was the passages all related to love. These were all random readings too on various days. I haven't done that in a while. Work has made an impact and finding a moment to one's self is not easy.

For the next two weeks there will be no overtime, so that is a good thing. I wasn't doing too much anyway, maybe three hours a week. I was doing more on and off and I began thinking, who is benefiting them or me or both. I did with extra money in my paycheck, but I was also losing too. I was getting tired and when that happened I began putting off other things that were far more important, such as family, and my well being, more or less I needed to take care of my self too in spiritual and physical matters. I think for a period I was going through a dry spell, but each day there was always something special that would show how much God is at work in my day. I know many people have special times with our Lord and how truly beautiful it is to know how powerful he works in their lives as a testament to his love.

In this day it is hard for people to even understand the depths of that love, because there is so much that interferes with living our faith in this world. We have freedom to live, but do we really live it the way it is meant to be. In peace and harmony with each other, where love of God is first. Not love of self and what we can get for ourselves, selfish love. But a love that gives of oneself for another.

I received good news yesterday too in the mail, a long awaited judgement that finalized one area of my life, my annulment came. Praise God!

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