February 02, 2007


Hear the angels sing and listen to what they say. I had that again in my sleep, along with knowing that I am watched over. That's good to know upon waking. Yesterday we found out at work the girl I was giving a ride home, quit.

It was a quiet day yesterday, reflecting. There is so much noise in such a semi-small room. I prayed all morning. There is something to be said about having your every move watched and every word repeated to others at work. It's not pleasant when a person is the topic of conversation.

It's funny when you walk by and they turn red in the face, well anyway at least it's not someone else. I don't mind that they do, I look at it this way someday they will be under the microscope themselves, not by people but by our Maker. We all come to judgement at the end and it's how we treat others in the process that determines how we fare. If I did my part right then there is nothing to worry about.

I think also when you go through a temp agency it is jobs that don't do drug or alcohol tests and the results are people with addictions that work in these places. I never know each day how each one is going to be. One day this one is high and talkative and the next day brooding and mean. It's amazing and often difficult to comprehend. But life isn't easy for some of them either. And they also don't have God on a personal level either.

Today is Friday and now I too understand why we thank God for this day.

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