February 04, 2007


When I read today's reading I was reminded of the time I had gone to the Chapel before I received my Eucharistic miracle. I remember clearly how sorrowful I was for my sinfulness and the desire to never sin again. For a week straight I cried tears of deep sorrow that came from the depths of my being. My repentance was not one that was mediocre but full out and out sorrow.

I had at one time made a promise that I never kept and when I made that promise again, I found myself so unworthy because God has always been by my side and has always kept his promise to us, the people. My promise was to go to either Mass or to the Chapel every day. I made that one a long time ago. So when I was at the Chapel a few years ago and giving my deepest sorrow I made the promise again. But this one I have kept with a few occasions that were missed.

What was truly important is the sorrow that gives us the forgiveness when we are truly sorry from our hearts,minds and soul. The other is about keeping our promises because God keeps his. I didn't seek a sign when I received his grace it was time for me to come full circle. I have found that at times when I feel overwhelmed because I am reminded of my sinfulness that is when I know from the depths of my heart that God's love and forgiveness is the greatest treasure a repentant sinner can ever receive. And from there it is to live a life without going back to the way we were, which was sin.

I think the key is once we repent and receive the grace to sin no more then we should strive all the harder to keep ourselves in a sinless state. More or less to keep ourselves holy.

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