January 11, 2007


There is hope! Someone at work who has been away from the Church is thinking of coming back. When it was mentioned today I was filled with happiness that they are seeking to come back. This person is willing to go to Church with me too. WoW! I am thrilled! The talk about sacraments, faith and growing up brought back some memories for this person.

I went to a wake after work for a person who was part of the Lay Dominicans. It was nice that someone called from the Order to let me know. It's always a sad time when someone passes from this life.

I discovered there is something I can do after work, and that is go to Vespers at the Monastery Chapel. It may not be daily Mass but at least it will be in community.

And for me I guess I feel too much, and need to learn more of the Magisterium. It's time to put on the thinking cap once again and put my mind to work and do more reading along with my lessons for the novice class. To read about the intellectual side of things has put me in a frame of mind that maybe I have been too much in the heart and not enough of the cold logic. And I thought my mind and heart were in tune with each other. Isn't that what we are suppose to be with God, one in heart, mind, body and soul.

When we are at peace and in tune with God, there is no volatile nature. Our emotions are his emotions, our thoughts are his thoughts, our sorrow is his sorrow. There is nothing that we do that he doesn't already know. I can thank the comments that have come to light to bring this reflection.

I do know my heart and my feelings, I know what I am capable of and what I am not. I know when I sin and when I don't. I know when I am wrong and I will admit it. But when God made me this way, then it is part of his plan that I am the way I am. Along the way he steers me in the direction in the way of what to read what to write and so forth. After all it is his will I follow. So when the whisper says stretch out your arm in the Chapel, and I do, then I have done His Will. And I can say that yes this wonderful time I did exactly that and what a beautiful, beautiful heartfelt joy came flooding in.

This is how he shows me and teaches me his wonderful love. I may be just a little nothing in the eyes of the world, but in God's I am everything to him. Just like the millions of others out there are the same to him too. It's just truly wonderful. Someday I hope many will feel this love too.

2 Words of Wisdom:

AutumnRose said...

"When we are at peace and in tune with God, there is no volatile nature."

This quote is very profound, and something I need to ponder on Thank you xx

Marie Cecile said...

YOur welcome autumnrose!

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