January 15, 2007

A new Rosary

My sister came over last night to pay a visit with my parents. So I got to spend some time with her before having to go to bed. She gave me something truly special, a wooden Rosary from Jerusalem. Now I have three sets, one was made from the roses from the flower pillow that was in my grandfathers casket. That one is gold in color. The other one is blue glass beads, I received this one from a Nun at the Convent of the Sisters of St. Anne next to the school I went to. I used to clean the Church as a kid during recess and I was to choose which Rosary I wanted for doing the cleaning. The Rosary itself was a mended one, but to me it was very special. I've kept them with me everywhere I've gone. I even replaced the crucifix which replaced the replaced one.

Well anyway that brought back a few cherished memories.

11 Words of Wisdom:

forget me not said...

I have a collection of rosaries, including my husband's grandmother's metal rosary and my grandfather's rosary made of some kind of stone, maybe tiger's eye? I also have two rosaries from the holy land and then several others from other shrines I have been to. I have one my boss brought back to me from Lourdes, which I hold in my hand while I sleep.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Dear Marie-Cecile,

What a tremendous gift from your sister. I have two rosaries from my father, one of which was blessed by His Holiness Pope Pius XII when my father had an audience with him back in 1958, six months before his "death."

It is noteworthy that while you spent your teen/formative years working for the Church in some capacity, many teenage girls (and boys) are simply troubled: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,243729,00.html

I too enjoyed a happy youth serving in the Church. When I was only 15, I was asked by a Sister of the Holy Cross to teach Catechism to 10th graders - my peers. I also enjoyed serving as a lector and working with youth groups. When I was 19, I was nominated to serve as the President of the Parish Chapter of St. Vincent de Paul.

I don't recount all of this to boast. I am nothing. But only to highlight the fact that you and I - and so many others of previous generations - had a very different experience of our teen years.

Marie Cecile said...

fmn, it's wonderful that you have many cherished rosaries. There are so many beautiful one's out there.

Marie Cecile said...


It truly is special, I'm glad that you have special one's too. I must go to work, I will write more when I get home.

Marie Cecile said...


You and many others have served the Church in many ways. All I ever did was clean the Church. And in my growing years I brought Piccalily to the Parish Priest from my family on several occasions. But it was only three years ago that I began being involved. I am ashamed for my lack of being part of the Catholic family for so very long.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

It was St. Augustine who said (to Our Lord): "Late have I loved Thee."

Aren't we all guilty of that on some level Marie Cecile?

At any rate, you have to admit that St. Augustine is good company.

Peace Sister!

Marie Cecile said...

yes Paul, many of us are. And your right St. Augustine is good company on that note!

Thank you!

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Dear Marie-Cecile,

You wrote: "You and many others have served the Church in many ways. All I ever did was clean the Church. And in my growing years I brought Piccalily to the Parish Priest from my family on several occasions. But it was only three years ago that I began being involved. I am ashamed for my lack of being part of the Catholic family for so very long."

I would urge you to jettison the worldly standards which have been imposed upon you. St. Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, once said that even picking up a pencil for the love of God was no small thing precisely because it was done IN LOVE.

You say you "only" cleaned the Church? This is a noble task when accomplished for the love of God. You say you "only" brought piccalily to the parish priest, but this too is an act of love.

When something is done for the love of God, it is NEVER "small" or "unimportant."

Jesus' ways are not the ways of men. He judges by an entirely different standard. The worls places great emphasis on fame, power, money and many other things which are passing away. This is a demonic "wisdom."

But love endures forever. St. Therese (in the eyes of the world and judged by the world's standards) never accomplished anything even remotely great. And yet, her little way is cherished by countless souls around the world and has been for several generations now.

St. Therese of Lisieux, who practiced her little way and picked up a pencil for the love of God, has been raised to the Church's altars and is the 33rd Doctor of the Church.

Long after the Donald Trump's of the world have faded from memory, her powerful witness to faith will continue to shine in the hearts of men.

God be praised!
Your brother in Christ,

Marie Cecile said...


Your so right, I should not only be thankful for all I have done and not done, but to say it is and always have been done for the Love of God. I wouldn't have done it unless the love was there to begin with, no matter how small a task or how large an undertaking. It is always done with God in mind. Thank you for reminding me.

God love you,
Your sister in Christ,
Marie Cecile

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

As Jesus said, even a cup of cold water given to one of His disciples would not go unrewarded.

I love theology Marie-Cecile. And I have known some of the world's greatest theologians. But I have also known many lay persons who made study an end in itself and who were proud, arrogant, and condescending toward others. This is rather unfortunate. We must all recall the mind of St. Francis of Assisi (the Mirror of Christ) who said that we should esteem all others as better than ourselves.

This humble saint even referred to himself as "Brother Ass." I look forward to meeting him one day by the grace of God.

Marie-Cecile, it is my understanding that you will be teaching CCD (or already are). What an incredible responsibility! To prepare young minds, hearts and souls for the spiritual journey ahead. But you are up to the task. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus fill you with every good thing you need to accomplish His Holy Will and may the Holy Spirit breathe His Holy Fire into you and fill you with His seven Gifts. This shall be my daily prayer for you.

Please pray for me as well.

God love you sister,

Marie Cecile said...


I have been at it for three years, trying to share what I have been given, not always easy to do. Unfortunately, I missed my workshop the other night because of tiredness. The hours were too late. It would have affected me too much and the realization came late.

I thank you for the prayers on my behalf to two of the most special beings there is, The Sacred Heart and the Holy Spirit. You have warmed my heart with this. And you need not ever ask for prayers, as I pray for you daily as I pray for the world too.

God love you Brother in Christ,
Marie Cecile

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