January 06, 2007

Light of my life

It's hard to believe the Epiphany is already upon us. It went by so fast this year too. I don't think it had to do with age but with the way time has a way of moving along.

I still haven't been able to set up the other computer on the wireless router. For some reason when I updated Windows Me to XP somewhere a program locked and I can't undo it. But that also gave me a chance to finish fine tuning the computer. To remove some long distant and old programs that are not in use nor will be.

That also applies to some of the programs that were installed when I was in school and no longer needed. I do have the books should I need a refresher. I did get to look at some old pictures that I took of the Eucharist and had a wonderful time in complete fascination. My God there are no words to what he gave me to see. It's just remarkable!

I know there has been a big change in me from when I first began writing, and this I can say has helped. If anyone ever says journaling is for the birds they are wrong, it helps us see what we need to see about ourselves. I know I was probably bug-eyed for a bit but that's what writing does, it helps to remove some of the obstacles that we refuse to see unless it's in writing. Maybe it don't make sense, but to me it does.

I often wondered why some people try to say to me that what I think is wrong about my faith, but you know something, they aren't practicing theirs. And then there are some who would be happy to be with me because they can talk about faith. I had a young fellow at work say that to me, he could talk to me for ten years straight and be happy. I almost laughed but he told me, it is hard to find young ladies who have a faith they are willing to share. Instead they are full of make believe, trying to be something they are not.

I found it nice that he was interested, and the ladies asking me about men. When my response is I have one who is close to my heart. I have given myself in total surrender to God. Sometimes they don't understand how I can do this. For them intimacy means sexual, for me it means closeness to God where he touches my soul, my heart, my all. That is love to want to be with the desire of the heart so much that no one will ever break that bond no matter how hard they try. This is the beauty of loving God with all of our being. It is my choice to follow his way, no one else's way. He is my life eternal, because a perpetual light continually shines for him.
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