January 20, 2007


We all go through stages or phases in our life that show us how much we accumulate useless junk. I've gone through many such stages already and it will continue until I get it almost right. One phase was cleaning out harmful stuff the soul accumulates. Another is cleaning out the living environment and what was also accumulated. They kind of both go hand in hand.

I set out to clean out the gadgets that are no longer used or broken, that were held onto to fix and never did, because it's outdated. So today is the day to finally remove them. It's not too many thankfully, a small box. That led me to rearrange a few shelves. If it's sitting there and not being looked at or used, I'm beginning to wonder why I am holding it for.

I think that's why there is so much time when I reflect on my own soul and what needs to be cleaned out there too. I'm not perfect, thank God, because I make mistakes. I think a lot of times I try to strive to keep love and kindness as part of my life and how I go about my day. I've noticed that anger is slow in coming when others blow up quite fast. I can't help when I see someone get angry over something that they have no control over, and how they just go off with not much to set them off.

I've witnessed this at work, and I marvel at it. I sit there and wonder why is this person getting angry as if it reflects on them, the anger does, but what they got angry at did not. They just made themselves look foolish. I know the world is made of different people and how they live, react, and-so-forth.

Now I am beginning to understand the purpose of having gone to school, to help in the way I study and understand what I am learning with the Dominican Laity. At first I was a bit lost in how it was all laid out, and I was soon finding more to read and to understand. The same goes for preparing a lesson for teaching CCD.

What ever books are given to help teach, most of what is given is how we lived out the sacraments and the commandments and how we live a moral life. Children are the same today as they were 30 years ago. It's like putting ourselves back into their place for a few and recalling the times when we were their age.

I think that's where I was discovering a lot more about myself and what brought me to where I am today. There has always been a special gift attached to my life, now it is in the hands of God because that is what I am learning to understand. The love has always been there and so has His.

As I was cleaning out the many things that needed removing, I was playing back the memories that brought those items in my life in the first place. When we remove obstacles we hurt, but removing clutter, brings about so much more, it gives room for more. Not just in material but in how we feel and live. We see and feel more space, so it is with the heart when we finally empty it of sin. There is room for God to live there.

2 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim said...

great lesson to me today, MC.
Thanks for the spiritual application.

Marie Cecile said...

Oh! Your quite welcome teresa.

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