December 26, 2006

Clean up

Now that I had this extra day, I was able to catch up on the finishing touches of painting the room. Now that part is complete, it's clean up time. I have many paint spots on the floor, because I didn't put down any covering. It's okay though, the floor needed a good scrubbing from past wax build up. It's now nice and bright in here. It used to be dark paneling, now there is white walls.

This is good, since nothing has been done in the basement for close to over thirty years. Since this is temporary for me, it is a good way to help out my parents with some of the maintenance as my payment for rent. I hope it will not take too long to get back on my feet and get the situation back into control. When God puts us through a test and does things to teach us a new way of life, it's not so bad as we think when trust is there.

And I trust God completely, he still shows himself to me in the Eucharist, but more in the way of his image is live and moving. I should say Jesus since this is where we all find him on a daily basis. It's so nice when he brightens the host in a flash of light. For me this is such a special grace to see him, and it's something I hope others will be able to see him too when they put their complete love and trust in him. He is amazing what he does for us.

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