November 01, 2006

This article NEW AGE MAKES HUGE INROAD INTO RETREAT CENTERS OPERATED BY CATHOLIC NUNS is very informative. A lady I know who does Adoration had showed me something about touch therapy, which I did not know was new age. There is something I understand now about it. It's a good thing I never did this more than a few times on my mother for relief of her pain. Which it did not really help her anyway. Now I wonder why she showed me it at all, and then why she asked me to do a therapy on her in the church one day. But today I am thankful for this article, even though I didn't follow thru with learning about this touch therapy. This is one time I'm grateful for knowing when something is not right. And it wasn't. It's the hardest thing to not question the motive of others, but I have learned through the years that people are good, and when they have evil designs toward another it generally comes to the surface.

I know this lady was showing me out of the goodness of her heart, for the relief of pain in another. But God chose for me not to be a healer in this way but with the love in my heart. This is healing when we give unselfishly without thought to the consequences.

I just got off the phone with a lady who is willing to work with me everyday to accomplish a goal, to establish a health and wellness product. This product is very good. Since I never sold things like Avon, this I have found is a challenge and what is good is this person believes in me and my capabilities. Her nose does not look down on me for my lack of funds or my past, I am not judged. What a beautiful feeling to know this, that her motives are good, that she wants me to earn a living, and it will help her too. I need to go in search of people who will sign on and become members, to shop for the home in a different way. It's like being a member of BJ's, or Costco, it has rewards and benefits. Well, enough of this or I will give it away.

Yesterday the school called with a prospect for a place of employment. I had to send the school my resume, which they had but lost. It's in God's hands, let his will be done.

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