July 05, 2006

The way of trials

Through trial and error I am discovering how to make things work on a web page. I have yet to figure out how to do links, so I can make a list. If anyone reads this could you please drop me a note on how to, it would be greatly appreciated. But like anything else, I'm sure I'll have to figure it out myself as usual, there never seems to be anyone willing to help me. Except God of course, him I can depend on. By the way that wasn't a negative, it's just happens that way in my life, I reach out and no one responds. I wonder if that happens with the Lord above, when he reaches out to us, and finds our backs turned.

I love being in love with God, he is steadfast and true. I'm surprised more people don't love him from their hearts. He really does look out for our best interests, and yes sometimes it hurts when he says no. But then again, it wasn't in my best interest after all.

Yesterday was one of those days, I did not write on this blog. By the evening after I had gone to the chapel, I came back to find a new comment on my other blog, It was long, but slowly my heart hurt. I want to believe like everyone else, that things are not as bad as what is written about the church. But proof it seems keeps coming out more and more.

Anyway, it was an eye opener. Then I was wondering about God's word, the Bible, and why is it there are so many different ones, when it comes from just one source, God. Different meaning to suit those who want to read what they want. It should all be the same now shouldn't it. One would think anyway. It was just a thought on my part.

It would probably do us all a world of good if God did do something, to take care of what seems to have gone wrong from the beginning of his church. Maybe he realizes that what was meant to bring peace and healing for all ages turned out to be an error. After all it's two days in his eyes, so in two thousand years, in two days time he saw abuse of power, that should have brought love to the world. And for two thousand years he sent us warnings to cut it out. We are the errant one's, no one to blame but ourselves. We all have a part in the destruction. We are the one's who let evil take root. So hopefully we can be smart enough to remove the evil before it's too late too.

I learned a deep lesson, but don't wait until God knocks on your door. Because it might be the day he calls you home and you will not be ready, and you may find your home somewhere else, but not in heaven.

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