July 09, 2006

A thank you

This is the last week for this term in school. Seven more after that and school will be finished. Hopefully, on a positive note I will be able to find a nice office to go to, to do an month and a half extern ship. Then have a job from there. That would be so nice. Then my imposed exile as a partial hermit will soon end. I was given this time from God to learn and my family allowed me this time too, to attend school with their help. I owe them so much for all they have done. I know there are some people out there who do not even have this. No family to help take care of them when life takes a strange turn. I have God who is my first family, then my heavenly mother. We all have them when we put them first. And then I have both my mom and dad who are in their seventies. They go far beyond what is expected, as well as my older brother. He took care of me, and it wasn't even expected. Do I have pride right now, you bet. What a family! Someday I will be able to return their kindness on my behalf. Until then, they have my prayers. That their tomorrow will be brighter, and the pain they suffer will be less. But then again, my prayers are offered for many, not just them. There are so many out there who need so much, in the way of God's great love. And there are many who need to know his great forgiveness.

Has a change come over me, YES. I went from one extreme Friday, to come to a new understanding of me. Those little deaths of self, tend to renew a bond of love when it is done for God. When a friend writes something that strikes you to see something that needs repair, then you know God is there with you getting you through it. And it probably was not meant for me in the first place, but God does have a way with his getting what he wants to us. That I do know. So for now I will breathe a sigh of love for my heavenly Father for touching me deeply as always.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Anonymous said...

It touch me your writintg is wonderful. Love of GOD and mankind is what it's all about.

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you for your kind words.

God Love You

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