April 19, 2006

Road to God

What my eyes have seen, what my ears have heard, what my lips proclaim. Today I read about the journey to Emmaus, how it brought to mind the journey I am on. I never want to forget the day I saw you in your Glory, and the road I am on. I remember clearly those days and the burning desire to yell out to the world how alive you are in the Eucharist. Little did I know I needed to understand the incredible journey I was about to undertake for your today.

You emerge Glorious within my heart, where I see you in all. But more than that it is a Eucharistic journey you have set my path upon. How is it then that I have become a Hermit, of quiet solitude, where I ponder the beauty you reveal to my soul. Where I reflect your love for the world. The time I venture out Dear Father is filled with awe and learning, where you never cease to amaze me with your presence.

I am thankful for this journey as I walk along with you, where you gracefully touch me gently with your breath as I step outside. My God what you have done for us all to bring us you. I'm speechless. My day is a constant reflection, one that I'm glad to have filled fully with you. Sometimes I wonder if anyone truly understands the depth of love it takes to give so much of oneself for you.

My life dear Father is in your hands and the direction it is in, the road you have set me on has not been easy. It is one that I am glad to be on. Just as you revealed yourself to those men on their journey. I am revealing what you have done with me.

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