April 23, 2006

Just My Own Thoughts

I think because I seek perfection in God's Church, it is often difficult to hear music that riots within, when it is during the Mass. There are some songs and music that sing to the soul, others take away from the beauty of God's Word. I remember there was a moment when God's Spirit was revealing harmony of song, how it was important to know this. Yet at Mass there are times when harmony is not there. How is this explainable, when attending a banquet that is joyous, and a dirge is played, or some vile thing, what does it do, it causes discord. Music is the same way. I found a site that did exactly that, showed the difference between music that is positive and music that is negative, believe me there is a difference. I wonder then is it possible that our Churches are letting in negative music unknowingly. But then again some of the most simplest songs are the one's that probably please God the most, who knows but God himself.

It's not strange for me, because I have listened to music and enjoyed it. As I recall through the years of growing up and the music I listened to, it was music that had a positive side to it. Just like anything else in life, we accept the good along with the bad. I wonder sometimes though if our attempts at flamboyant music is what is pleasing to God or is he up there shaking his head at us in utter disbelief at our attempts at knowing what pleases him.

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