April 30, 2006


What I love the most about Jesus and his loving ways, is the way he lets me see where I need to forgive myself for an error I long ago had not resolved. I think when I was young I made the decision to live a holy life, that I wanted to, above all to please God the most. Somewhere along the way, something happened to destroy this attempt. Yet always in the back of my mind I knew when I did something that was wrong, I always regretted it. I sit here trying to understand myself, where I sinned, how I broke a commandment, how could I speak any truth of and about God. Then I wonder why did he choose me for life lived deep within him. Yet God has forgiven me. The testimony of how strongly he has appeared in my life, and how he continues to guide my every step in life. For me I had to understand that all my life I have and always will love God. It was always my regretting that kept my heart close to God. I didn't understand this. Sometimes it takes moments in reflection to understand the truth, but then again it takes moments of letting God reveal the area that needs purifying to bring understanding of oneself. Just as a child learns to walk, God teaches us to do the same when we live in his love. God, today I ask forgiveness from those who I may have hurt unknowingly. Today I forgive those who have hurt me because I love you.

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