September 07, 2011

Soft and Smooth

The other day my brother stopped by and dropped off a gift for my mom for her birthday. He also gave me a gift too. I thought it was really nice that him and his wife picked out a pair of scarves. They are beautiful like works of art. Now I have something soft and smooth to cover my head with. My mom was given a beautiful umbrella.

Funny how one never knows how to use a scarf, at least I didn't. I took a tour of how to on you tube and found many ways to put one on the head. I'm grateful!! Actually I'm grateful for many things, a loving family in particular. Right now I'm very tired and cold, I was warned about getting the chills. Something I don't particularly want at this time as that signals a low white count.

This one is going to be short as I am about to go to bed and get some rest.

5 Words of Wisdom:

Faith said...

When I lost my hair, I bought lots of pashima scarves and shawls. In fact I like the look of those better than mantillas.
I thought I looked great in a turban. But no one wears one and when I did I felt it looked too different and made me feel self conscious.
Today I saw someone wear a baseball cap and on it she had pinned a big colorful flower. Why didn't I think of that?
One time I wore a pink baseball cap to church and a monk told me to take it off (I was at Spencer.) He thought I was a man. :-(
It gets worse...I did.
I don't think I've ever been more humiliated. I could feel my neck get red.

Marie Cecile said...

Faith I didn't know you had breast cancer too. I'm sorry you suffered humiliation when visiting Spencer. I hope it all went well for you? I feel like a misfit because of my other issues that mar the way.

I've tried hats throughout the years and never found them comfortable. My sister was with me when I picked out a wig and she bought me a pre-formed scarf, and later I bought a white one that makes me look sickly, only wear that one at home. I only had those to deal with. I found on you tube the one made from a t-shirt and I tried that too as well. That one is comfortable to wear. I need to wear something because I ended up with follicle problems.

I find it hard to believe that a man could mistake you as a man, you have a beautiful face Faith, there is no mistaking you are female.

Faith said...

Thanks for the kind words, but it wasn't breast cancer. It was another purgatory disease, called Cronkhite Canada Syndrome.

Marie Cecile said...

Your welcome Faith, I checked out your website and what you wrote, i concure regarding what you said. Then I checked out the condition to understand. My prayers are with you, I hope that with time you have grown much stronger and better. From what i have read on your blog you seem you seem to be very active and applaud you for that considering what this illness has done to you.

What I am going through is mediocre at best but enough to keep me homebound.

Faith said...

It happened again. I was on the train and the conductor said, "Ticket, Sir."
This time, no hat, just my own hair.

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