September 18, 2011


I should know better not to write when the mind is not at peak performance, but sometimes it's good to let out what we feel. It's not easy when the thinking process is under assault from drugs. One can only imagine what the young an old go through taking drugs that alter their minds let alone stuff to bring healing.

It did get worst this time around along with the tiredness to walk and go up and down the stairs. I have found it quite the chore to go up them. I know the pictures I have are priceless and should not be destroyed at all but shown. Only problem many may never fully see or grasp what is there. I have come to realize that they may never be shown at all because it totally depends on God and HIS desire. For all I know they may just be for me because of the issues I have been dealing with to give strength at a time when the world that has gone very wrong. I would like to think there may be hope after all but when reading about all that is going on out there I wonder if the end is nearer than we all think.

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