August 20, 2011

Watching Events

What a delight it has been the past few days watching the events taking place with World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain. Seeing their joy and happiness being part of such an event sharing their faith with others. I understand all too well how that feels when I went to see the Pope Benedict XVI in New York for Christ Our Hope. What an awesome time that was! It's an event I will always remember and so will these young people with this awesome event.

I was watching them as they did the Adoration of our Lord in a huge Monstrance made in the 1500's. Just to be around something so old and beautiful is quite a thing. Europe has so many things that have been carefully kept from the past to help us with our future of faith. Beautiful gifts that are well preserved. Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ looked quite awesome in that Monstrance in front of all those young people. I hope and pray that the messages that Pope Benedict XVI has been giving them will take root in their hearts.

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