August 24, 2011

That Time Again

The last two days have been treatment and ultrasound for something else which came out good. Had my injection yesterday after the ultrasound which happened while the earthquake was going on. Felt that much more being on a higher floor, I had asked the techinician if it was the trains passing by she thought so but then neither of us was sure since it lasted quite awhile. There was no fear at the time because we didn't know being in a room and not really having any outside people make comments.

Anyway it has been quite the time of it. I have noticed after the chemotherapy and injection the next day, I have been getting tired and all I can do is put my trust in Jesus to keep me going strong. When I go for my chemotherapy infusion I have been using my prayer shawl to keep my spirits up and my faith present and warm as the room is very cold as well. Once the anti nausea meds I am taking are past then the next phase of nausea I don't look forward to and the different meds that will assist. One thing for sure I am glad that some people go through this without a hitch and can continue their life without a problem. I am one of the lucky ones that have some of the problems but that is par for the course with other issues.

I think that is why faith is a major part in any illness we have that helps us to have the strength to endure pain and suffering and offer it up to God to keep us from falling apart or giving up completely as some have done without faith. I will not mention the many things that can cause stress as well. That too is up to God and his awesome son Jesus and the beautiful intercesion of our Blessed Mother as well. Always need to pray to her for her constant love and protection from the forces of evil that can barrage the soul when we are sometimes down and uncertain of things that go on in life. She will provide strength when asked from the heart for it.

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