August 29, 2011


There is an article that I came across and read that resonated about How to Behave at Mass. I thought the article was extremely well done and stated the truth about how Mass has truly been in Church and how parents of children monitor their kids while they worship.

That put me into the frame of mind of also when watching Mass on the television and finding the more I see Mass on television the more I like it less. The camera is forever moving to people and things but not always on the Mass itself. Which should be the central focus in the first place. I sit there and then my mind wanders as the camera focuses on the singers, the people in the pew, the windows but hardly Jesus at the table of Lord. My focus has not been truly on the Mass then.

When we are at Church and devout and know God is present, our eyes do not wander away from the Sacrifice of the Mass, unless the person in front of you is scantily clad or running amok in the pew and then try very hard to stay focused upon our Lord in the Eucharist can be hard for anyone who is present. One should not be there with eyes closed when gazing at the Altar of the Lord. For that is where the whole of the Mass is taking place other than the readings at the podium. The whole purpose of Mass is to focus upon Jesus present at the Altar. Am I wrong to address this at this time. I don't think so, because too many times in the past few months being homebound and unable to be present at Mass has showed me how televised Mass can be good but not good at all when it takes away from the soul the reason behind the Mass.

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