August 01, 2011


Animals are uncanny, they seem to know things without letting on. My dog Oscar and my moms dog Casey have both been by my side since I've come home from chemotherapy. They seem to know the body aches and what is going on before we do. Oscar has been a God send in many ways. He thinks he is a lap dog for a huge Pug, 24 pounder if that matters, he is big for a pug. Anyway the last few days I haven't felt well and they seem to have known, they look at me with love and come on lets play to take your mind off things.

If it is only that easy when having a sleepless night of anxiety worrying about the next treatment and what can occur. Luckily, I found out they will be giving me an injection the next day to boost the immune system, this I hope works and I don't end up back in the hospital for a low white cell count. I have faith in God and his son Jesus and Our blessed Mother to get me through all the trials I will endur. I offer them up for the holy souls in Purgatory. I have prayed often of what I have been called to do and hope that the Holy Spirit will guide me as I set out on the journey.

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