June 17, 2011

Thank God

Had my appointments today, the scan went well except I grew aggitated toward the end which cut it a bit short. It wasn't easy. These people who have been crossing paths with me lately have been the angels in disguise. Their human touch, their concern and caring makes a big difference in a life.

Knowing that a person is not just a number or a dollar sign for them but seeing their genuine caring makes a difference in how patient's respond to treatments. I suppose that same can be said of employers and friends and family. To me each individual that I come incontact with is part of God's love shinning thru, when they hug or smile or just say hello. When they offer silence I sometimes wonder if they even care.

Going thru these trials have changed how I look at things and see God in those who try to be what they are called to be. The doctors have been awesome in my care and I appreciate their concern and caring most of all. At times lately I want to cry and let it out and stop being so strong and then I hold back wondering if it would make a difference. All I know is that I do love God with all my being and I know that he is there beside me every step of the way gently guiding me as I face another obstacle or another day being tired and uncertain. All I have to do is remember the face I saw from my heart one night, the face of Jesus so close to me.

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