June 27, 2011


After writing the last post I took the Bible and went thru the Psalms and then directly to Lamentations 3:1-66 and found what I was feeling. It was the oddest thing to read what I had almost wrote but my interior being was feeling. It was amazing, to say the least. How we can find some of what we feel and find understanding along the way. It may not have given an answer but it was more on the high side of being in tune with Gods Word.

I know there is hope and that all I have to do is constantly place my trust in God and in Jesus and to ask also for our Holy Mothers intercession for guidance along the way. She does not abandon nor does her son and neither does God. People abandon people when they reach the lowest points in their lives but God I firmly believe will never abandon people. He is love and that says it all.

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