June 10, 2011


Praise God!! My sister had her surgery yesterday and all went well. She looked great in recovery. That was awesome to see. I spoke with her this morning over the phone and she is doing so good. Prayers are awesome and so is our loving God.

I will see her later today when I go to my appointment about my own recent surgery and hopefully find I can go back to work. Going back to work last time and being there for only two weeks then out again did not go well. My boss suggested I should be really well before coming back. I feel okay this time and not so tired as I did last time. Even my family has noticed a difference, they claim I look much better this time.

I have an awesome family! Last night I was searching for a missing prayer book and was looking in some old purses when I found my missing social security card that went missing over two years ago. I did ask St. Anthony for assistance in finding it, but I don't recall ever putting it where I found it. God has reasons for the timing of how things show up and are found. There has been almost a renewal going on around here lately. One of them is with the job, the other is with myself and finding a difference with how I deal with issues. And then the changes within the family with all the crisis we have been dealing with.

I have also recently met over the phone a young lady who asked if I would like to join their Breast Cancer support group, she mentioned that I would be a nice addition since I am so bubbly over the phone and a good attitude as well. I think lately when I speak with people and we talk and they find out about my situation, they are amazed at how well I have taken things. I smile and I am at peace.

I owe most of that to how well my parents have responded to illness in their own lives and have basically kept an upbeat attitude even when they are hurting. But on the other hand I also owe the majority on my faith in God and the trust I have with Jesus and the Love for our Blessed Mother. The Holy Spirit also had a huge impact on my life after merging with him that eventful night. I'll never forget it and how possible it was to be a part of Gods loving family.

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