May 15, 2011

Life and Death

It's been a strange few days, my brother ended back in the hospital, but was found okay after and overnight observation. That was good news. The other is not so good news, my aunt in Florida suffered with some issues herself and ended up on a respirator. Come to find out she had suffered a cardiac arrest and now will be taken off life support and placed on hospice due to no response from her at all.

We are all praying for her at this time, my mom is finding it very difficult not being able to go to Florida and be with her brother at this time of need. Between myself, my dad and her own issues makes it hard for her to leave. Plus my dad's only surviving sister has been diagnosed with bone cancer and is currently receiving chemo treatments. So much seems to be happening lately it boggles the mind. What other crosses are there for us to carry?

I know at work my cross is to deal with 78 degree temp in one room that has air conditioning but brings the temp up to suit someone who gets chilled and needs the room warm to keep them warm, so most of us suffer for one person. We have three fans running to help keep us cool and two of them are mine. I recently brought the second one in when I was told it was extremly hot in there. I ended up leaving 2 hours early yesterday because of not feeling well.

Anyway, no matter what is happening in our lives at this time we still keep our faith and smile and thank God for allowing us this time to be with each other. I know there will be a loss soon in our family. May God hold her in the palm of His hand at this time.

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