April 16, 2011

Back Home

The surgery went well!! The surgeon did a fantastic job getting the thing out. The partial reconstuction went well also. I didn't go home the next day as planned, but ended staying another night, which was a good thing all around. It was hard to move the upper body as it was. So God has a way of delaying things with a fever. I thank him most of all for keeping me in cheerful spirits. When I had to go for a nuclear shot to mark the lymph nodes, I was so ticklish that I was laughing so hard. The staff appreciated that most of all. I was told at that point in the testing many patients are sad or worried. I have found that faith really does assist in how we see things. My family has been terrific with all of this as well. It's been a tough one for my mom and dad to be able to do things while I recover, but movement for me is good too in helping the healing process. My body does ache with the surgery and the prepping for a shift in body mass to replace the breast that was removed. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, I don't even know if I will be able to go to mass or find something to wear to hide the three drains that I am now wearing so no one will know. I'm not to drive or to lift or move my arms to high for a while. When I saw Sandy at mass last Sunday she had said not to worry about mass. So if I am not able to be there in the physical I can at least partake while watching on the television. I know it is not the same but I'm sure that God does understand most of all considering it will only have been five days since the surgery not counting the day itself. All I can do is offer up my pain and sickness along with the suffering of Jesus at this time.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Faith said...

Call the rectory to have Communion brought to you. Glad to read that you're in good spirits.

I told you there was a God.

Marie Cecile said...

Faith my parents went to church and brought me communion. I've always known there was a very loving God even when I doubted things. Thanks for the reminder.

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