March 24, 2011

Getting Closer

Yesterday I had one of my Doctor's appointments to be cleared for surgery and that came out positive for the go ahead. Tomorrow will see the other one for clearance and the one for reconstruction and hopefully I will get the date for surgery as well. It's all moving so fast. I even went and took care of my dental as well for the possible upcoming chemotherapy after the surgery.

On the upside with faith I was able to take home for the week our Vocation Cross for vocations from my Parish. A delight to pray for vocations! I took a ride to the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, Ma to see about getting an item for my boss at work. While there I took advantage of the moment and used the Sacrament of Reconciliation to cleanse my heart and soul. I was delighted by the falling snow when I came out of the Church. I love seeing that white stuff. Not everyone will agree with that sentiment because of the unending cold and work it places on people to clear it away. For me it is one of God's magnificent gifts to blanket the earth with purity.

This winter seemed to have flown by with all the snow storms keeping us busy. But it made for wonderful viewing of the surrounding areas. Much more enjoyable than the dreariness of brown. Yet, as I think on this I am always reminded of how we all complain about the seasons no matter which one it is. The complaint of too cold, too hot, too rainy, too much humidity and it seems there will always be something about the season's that we complain about. Maybe this Lent is a good time to find the good about the season's and the gift that God gave of the earth.

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