February 07, 2011


This is probably one area I am totally not my best at, discipline. When it comes to diets, I try my best with good intentions, then I find myself slipping back into those bad habits that cause a bit of a problem. In todays world we find so many foods out there that taste so good, but for a diabetic the biggest one is the carbs in the foods. Need to count them to maintain good sugar levels.

I found myself on a high level yesterday at work, it caused a moment of extreme tiredness, the type of tiredness that one wants to go home, except mine was not the physical home I was thinking. Thankfully, that moment passed. So today I have come to the deepest conclusion that I lack discipline in my everyday life and that may also include the discipline in faith. The failure to keep a daily journal and write daily of my day. Prayers, though are a constant. In that regard I don't have an issue.

God has given me time on this earth for a reason and I hope that the time I am given I can do HIS will better than doing my own. So far I hope I am doing what is asked of me. I did have an opportunity to speak to others about what I have personally witnessed about the Eucharist. With a moment of showing them to others by means through another person using a projector to place the pictures on a big screen. I was even more awed by them then, than those who just saw them. They were amazing to see in such a big way. I felt like I was lite up when gazing at what was specially given for me to see. I thank God each day for having chosen to bless my life with such an amazing gift of HIS countenance. I love him so much!!!

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Anonymous said...


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May I use part of the information from your blog post right above if I provide a backlink back to this website?


Marie Cecile said...

It's okay Charlie.

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