October 29, 2010


Since writing has been not as fruitful as I hoped and has been sparse, I've decided to stop for a while. Faith is uppermost in my life with a spiritual talk looming on the horizon for my Domincan Laity family. Seeing changes at home and in my own life have put me on another level of finding my way with the Lord. Work has invaded time that has been pre-arranged for God and I see the wickedness of the action to cause disruption in faith. Three times have occured so far. Prayers are needed. It's not easy finding goodness in the world these days. I have come to see mockery as a way of life for people of faith and for people without faith. The constant belittling of their neighbors. I have grown accustomed to hearing this on every occasion at various places with different people. Prayers are needed strongly for the world. At this time as we near the Holiday Season of All Souls and Saints day along with Advent and coming Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the time will be spent in deeper prayer for the conversion of hearts back to God and to his Son Jesus. God bless and keep you all safe. Until later. I shall return.

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