September 17, 2010

Turning the Page

Lately there has been an odd experience happening when I read, whether it is in the way of a physical book or online pages, it is the sense of an old page about to be turned or the rustling of many pages. Never once thinking why this is happening or making note of the particular reading, except this morning I was reading online about an article and it happened again.

This time I am writing about it to make note of it as an aid to understand the purpose of why it occured. I wondered this morning if it was God's way of letting me know that another page in my life has turned or possibly the world itself has turned a page. The first time I had the sense of rustling old pages was when I was at Chapel during Adoration and turning pages in the Bible. This was my own personal Bible, yet the sense was real at the time and how can it be explained how the book felt ancient in my hands. That through the years many pages have been turned. I wonder today if there was a significance to that occurance and to what I had read today that brought the sense of pages being turned. The article I was reading can be found here. Only God knows the reason why the sensation occured and the purpose for it. A moment that I need to discern and maybe others as well.

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