September 30, 2010

Following the Path

There always comes a time and a place that will bring to mind a decision on which path to take. For many it may be a career decision or school choice. For others it may be nothing at all but the decision on how to live their life. Even those who choose to marry make a decision on committing themselves to one person for the rest of their life, a topic that was mentioned at scripture sharing, shows the choice to follow a way of life with the one person they united with.

We detour at times along the way, not always making the right decisions. The many struggles that occur when we are not on the path that we are meant to be on. I have discovered this for myself throughout the years when I didn't follow my faith as best as I should have. Even following the path to follow Jesus is a choice we make. It is a daily choice, correction, it is a minute by minute choice in each of our lives to live consciously to follow Jesus.

It's way too easy at any time during the day in any given minute to choose to stop following the path of life, which is faith in God. It is so easy to stop whatever we wish at any given minute what we choose to stop, but the choice to follow Jesus and love God above all is the hardest path of all. Even the commandments that were laid down for us to follow are often difficult. Yet Jesus showed us the way to accomplish it with ease, but then again it is the choices we make on whether or not we will love our neighbor as ourselves or not. Many choose the path not to, so there is much strife in the world because they chose their own path, the path of destruction.

Will any of us at one time be all together on the same path? I wonder if this one question can ever be answered.

3 Words of Wisdom:

Faith said...

It is because in following Jesus that we have the choice to leave Him or follow that we are FREE. Would you rather be a slave to sin?

Marie Cecile said...

Heck NO, I love being a follower of Jesus.

Anonymous said...


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