September 09, 2010

Ever So Softly

Last night I believe I learned more after Scripture sharing than I have learned in quite awhile. Totally expecting to go home right after, but found myself in an hour long conversation with Keith. I learned much about his faith and how he came to be where he is in it, that is learning about Theology. He more or less opened my eyes to many things. I am grateful in many ways for the opportunity to have the time given to me in this way.

It's the discovery about seeing things in a different way in a new approach to what I've been dealing with lately. A tremendous blessing!! I went home lighthearted and with a renewed purpose about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. So today, after work I stopped by the Chapel to offer my gratitude, my prayers for vocations, and for those whom I offered to pray for, I approached prayer in a different way and perspective. As I gazed upon the Blessed Sacrament that is Jesus our Lord, in the tiniest imaginable way a song was faintly heard. I knew at once it was from the artist Robert Kochis, yet the melody of the song was faintly familiar, but the song was unknown. It matters not at this time as at the time it occured my heart rejoiced for the love that was given at the time. The smile that spread upon my face spoke loudly of the grace that was poured out upon my heart. It just might be that I may never know what song it was just the fact that I received what was meant to receive or relayed to have a better understanding.

I am not ashamed to relay this wonderful moment, I don't question it, only if it was something truly far off and unusual in the way it was given. The part of the discernment as always comes with moments such as this. But our Lord does speak ever so quietly and if my thoughts were full of others stuff I would not have heard what he wanted me to hear in the very depths of my heart.

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