August 29, 2010

Being Last

Today's homily had me thinking about the Gospel (Luke 14:1, 7-14) and the possibility of what Jesus meant. The priest had put it in such a unique way by using the Priesthood itself and all that it entails, how they are often given the best seat or the first place at table out of deference. Or how it can also be the other way and be placed last.

The whole point was that God is the one who decides in the long run of whether or not we will be first or last. Way too often we try to be the first at many things, like being the most popular blog with the most hits, or the most popular cheerleader at school or on a professional team. No matter where in life it is in how we try to be first it still is God's to say yea or nay. How humble can we be to let others be first instead.

Like in a check out line or waiting to get gas at a gas station or whatever you can imagine that would warrant letting another go before you. It's a hard thing to do in a world that is self seeking, self satisfying and get it all for yourself or loose. How hard it is then to be humble and seek the last place rather than the first. I would find the reward and benefits far better being last anyday. How about you? I'm satisfied.

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