June 07, 2010


The good news is my mom should be coming home on Wednesday. It's been quite a trial around here and will be for sometime until she is fully able to walk on both feet. She had her evaluation on Friday to see if she would be able to get around in the house and get in and out of the car. She did really great!!

These past few weeks I've come to see in a new way so many things that were blinded to me. I've seen how much my mom gives of herself to others amid her own suffering and pain. How she loves to bring laughter and joy to peoples lives. She is an amazing woman. One of her roomies at Rehab had made a suggestion of writing a book about her. Now there is a possibility. Sometimes we butt heads on occasion, mainly it's her determination to get things done on a daily basis that gets the dander up on some of her children.

She has a strong devotion to our Blessed Mother and her prayer beads are there with her all the time. Her concern for her husband is ever present. As I think upon this I realize the grief we kids have heaped on her and yet her love shines ever brightly for us kids. I think she would make a great saint if it is in God's plan. She does so much for others, truly amazing woman.

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