May 06, 2010

You've got a friend - James Taylor (with lyric)

Ever remember the place you were when you first heard a song that touched you deeply? This song I remember on my first Retreat when I was a kid at the Passionist Monastery that was in West Springfield, Ma. I remember that one like it was yesterday. This song was sung by the one giving the Retreat for us kids, anyway I believe it was at that time that this song embeded itself into my soul.

A time where this song spoke of calling God and Jesus our friend and to this day it still does. Because out of all the people we come across in our lifetime there is no one who will ever be the friend to us like God. The love we give to him and the love he gives to us is awesome to have when we truly make that commandment ours, to love God first, the friendship then is truly heaven sent.

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