May 03, 2010

Offer It Up

One thing I have begun to see is the delight I hear in peoples voices when you offer to pray for them when they are going through trials. Trials such as a illness of a loved one or death. But also the prayers offered for those who are left behind, the family themselves. It's hearing their voices perk up amid the hurt and pain. It's as if they are seeking that hope as well from an outside source, knowing that prayers often bring comfort and solace.

Upon reflection, it always seems to come about that we pray even harder and more frequent when we undergo trials and hardships. But sometimes fail to offer up the joys and the good things that happen each day. I know for myself it has become a habit to offer up the good as well as the not so good. To be ever thankful for God's creation.

Take a moment next time offering up prayers for a stranger for their trials and for the easement of their pain when speaking to them and note how delighted they become, even if it is minute it is there and you have caused that wick of light to flicker in their heart. Like the song Light a candle to start a new dawn, a ray of hope. I think that brightens up our hearts as much when we give on behalf of another through prayer. God bless.

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