May 31, 2010


Sometimes we never know why things happen in our lives and sometimes we do. There has been so much going on lately with my mom in Rehab and taking care of my dad and work. Busy days for sure! Then I ended up getting hit and now have no vehicle, so I am using my parents car, which has put a stop to my dad driving. In a way I am thankful, because his driving was limited to close to home.

I've noticed a remarkable change in him prior to loosing my car and in the few days since. God I would say, had a hand in taking the worry out about my dad doing any driving at this time. Who knows what could have happened. I am also thankful that the person who hit my car is fine as well as myself. I'm sure we were both watched over that day.

Going to work and then taking care of dad and visiting mom has aided me in recovering from the shake up. I think the trauma could have been worse, but with time and God's loving care it will dim in time. It's a frightening thing to happen. Anyway, life goes on, faith and love conquers. I wish I could say that about a few people who I work with, but they are more interested in peoples downfall rather than their wellbeing. It's in the way they talk and discuss the ways of the world. And that is the same all over the world not just where I am. Not sure if it will ever change, it may take a miracle for the world to convert and come back to our loving God, after all the young generation is learning by example and if they speak rudely of others and have no love or respect for their neighbor then they have no love for God and that is saddest thing to know about todays world.

Our world has much to atone for as well as all of us.

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