May 23, 2010

Busy Days

It's been busy lately, after Final Promise on Sunday, a few days later, my mom went in for foot surgery. She's in Rehab right now and doing okay. The busy part is taking care of my dad and the pets, then work, off to get my dad and then visit my mom. Long days for sure. I do manage brief times on-line, by then I'm tired and have no energy to even look at the important stuff.

Anyway, my mom will be in Rehab a week and lately I've been mulling over a decision on where I should be in my life. So at this point I place that in God's loving hands. So much has been taking place that discernment is always part and parcel of the whole of it. Nothing is ever easy.

Then the matter of the oil that seems to be gushing out of the earth, it seems that the earth is like our bodies. There are veins and then there are arteries and it seems that they hit one. We all know how it is with our bodies when an artery is cut, how difficult it is to stop the flow of blood. I sometimes wonder if the oil is the earths blood after all and we are slowly draining the life out of the earth for our selfish needs.

1 Words of Wisdom:

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