April 13, 2010


The Rosary can be said with personal intentions or can be said for the intentions of others or for the world. Either way it is a benefit and a blessing. The other day I did a Rosary that was so totally different regarding it's intentions and for whom. I felt the need to offer the Rosary for Jesus in a thanksgiving type of way for what he did for us. The Rosary was specifically for him and him alone. It was still the Rosary with the same mysteries, but my own personal reflections were in gratitude about his life.

Those moments I would have loved to have captured on paper and kept because they were a gift from the Holy Spirit. The words were delightful and beyond my scope of what I would say. It was a lifting up of the spirit in praise and glory. What truly made this Rosary special was the fact that it was done from the heart. I've noticed that when words come from the heart they are far more meaningful than those that are empty and said just to be said. Maybe that's why when a Rosary is said from the heart it reaches the very heart of Heaven.

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Anonymous said...

I too have had the same experience when I really pray from the heart! It seems that the prayers I pray from the heart are answered immediately, especially when I pray the Rosary this way. I also found when I am stumped for meditations, I can rely on this
beautiful website that has Rosary meditations for every one of the mysteries, plus I can add my own to share with others!

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