April 20, 2010


Last year I had attended a Life in the Spirit seminar that was quite wonderful. Well, last night we had a reunion and an opportunity to pray over those who are currently attending the seminar. I was part of a team of four that prayed over a small group of people. The four of us prayed over each one for the gifts of the spirit. At one point while we were praying I had quite an experience of being slayed in the spirit as we were praying. It was an awesome thing to happen considering we were the ones doing the praying.

I found out later that it does indeed happen while praying over others. Quite awesome!! I did also receive something quite awesome as well for myself when interior light shone upon interior words to signify a gift. God is so good. One never knows their gift until it is revealed when the mind, heart and soul are open to the grace of God's Holy Spirit. I can only imagine how the Apostles and Mary felt that day when the Holy Spirit came upon them. My heart rejoices in God my savior for the blessing of his Son Jesus and his sacrifice for us all.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Faith said...

You were blessed indeed. I took a Life in the Spirit seminar in the year 2000 and credit that with kicking up my faith a notch.

Marie Cecile said...

Amazing how the Holy Spirit works and brings us ever closer to our Beloved.

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