April 25, 2010


There was a moment during Adoration that I had an opportunity to share faith and our Lord with another. A moment to give to another comfort and prayer at a time they were hurting. As I write this I begin to understand the sequence of events of Friday evening during Adoration. The dark thoughts that invaded me at the beginning about hatred and no love in the heart. Yet, as I approached this young lady to offer comfort, that act alone is one of love.

I didn't try to understand what happened because it was so weird that at the end of Adoration all I kept thinking was I needed to speak with Father Plasse about it which I haven't done yet. The significance of that night I believe was seeing the difference between pure love and pure hatred. A glimpse of what is opposite of God's love. I sat there looking at the Eucharist and was powerless to move. When it passed I began my rosary again. It wasn't until the end of the hour when I approached the young lady to offer comfort and pray with her for the loss of her mother and friend.

That evening I have come to a greater understanding and the need to be ever vigilant in prayer, but to also give love and witness to that love.

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