March 26, 2010

Quiet Time

The arrival of spring is a refreshing time. It's a time to notice new growth. The popping up of flower stalks and the arrival of buds on the tips of trees. After the quiet time of winter we hear the beautiful songs of the spring birds and the mating call of the frogs that announce that spring has finally arrived.

Winter is not only a quiet time waiting for spring but Lent is too. It's a time to reflect, a time to empty ourselves of our sins to bring new growth to our souls. Lent has much to offer, a time to reconcile ourselves to God by going to confession, a place where we really do empty ourselves of sin. This part of the journey brings us ever closer to God where we too are like Jesus when we come to life in faith. What a blessing then. Let this quiet time of lent allow us to learn to empty ourselves of sin and restore the luster of our spiritual garments.

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