March 18, 2010

On the Road Again

On the road again or a better term for it is on the look out again for a spiritual director. I did ask the Priest who comes over quite sometime ago, yet, I don't feel comfortable speaking with him about many things. So that places that one in left field, so to speak. Then there was the one that I did go to and stopped seeing when there was notice of new age involvement. So it's been quite awhile since having one part of my life.

It's discovering on the journey of faith that one cannot do it alone, just like when we drive long distances. Often having someone with us on the journey helps us to see the road signs along the way. Or at moments along the journey offering rest while they take over the wheel. Faith is amazing in this way when we share it with others. How is it that it can be comparable to driving a car or in many aspects of our daily living.

The car is a useful tool to get us around, considering in Jesus time they didn't have this particular luxury. Imagine as we drive how we encounter the scenery or obstacles, when we seem to need to apply the brakes to stop for normal and emergent situations. Those moments as in faith can also be applied as a guide to our conscience when we err, we stop the sin by applying the brakes. Then we continue on the road again driving peacefully knowing we made the right decision to stop. Faith is amazing when thinking about it. Except so many drive without thought or care, other than to get to where they want to go without any concern for any others on the same road they are on. Just like we encounter many who fail to stop at red lights or stop signs, people rushing to pass if your not going fast enough on the highway, people cutting through parking lots to avoid the lines or slow traffic.

In this type of scenario I began to realize that on this journey as I drive along on the road that it is nice to share my faith with those I travel with and now it is time again to have a co-pilot so to speak to help with the journey.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Faith said...

Someday we may swap Spiritual Director stories. I've had four in my life. What I've concluded, is that they're "nice, comfortable gab sessions." I don't think they are helping me on my journey. No more than you are. I get just as much spiritual direction from friends. I could telephone you and chat and get help spiritually. If I have a problem that directly involves a scripture interpretation, I'll call the rectory and make an appointment with Father to discuss that with him. Otherwise, I'm not in any hurry to look for another spiritual director.
I'll say a prayer for you that you will find what you're looking for.

Marie Cecile said...

You have a wonderful sense of humor and a lot of faith Faith. Your right about how friends can also be of help, since they tend to know whats going on with a person faith wise. I would be happy to speak with you personally as well. All part of Divine Providence as we continue the journey of a lifetime.

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