March 08, 2010

Lenten Retreats

Our lenten retreat is given this year by Vince Ambrosetti and he started it off with a delightful concert of beautiful songs of faith. I have to say lenten retreats help to bring people back to community. I've noticed in the past years when I was not a participant even though a believer I didn't go to functions. I lost out for not being there in those years. Having gone through much in these recent years I have come to appreciate what the Church does for the community of laity.

It's not just the retreats that are given throughout the church seasons but the many other functions that make up the body of the church. It's surprising when a church merges and the old community comes out of itself to embrace those who seek to be part of the whole. Now that is a wonderful sight to see. Those retreats bring community together and restore life to the parish. Even at job functions it doesn't do this. Maybe someday jobs will be more faith filled rather than hate filled. Maybe they need retreats too.

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