February 11, 2010


Tuesday was the first day for me to take part in Adoration at the Monastery. A beautiful hour in prayer. I did have an opportunity to speak with another member of our Lay Community, which aided me immensly. It had to do about people who cross our paths and witnessing. Which led to some thinking about what has taken place in my life regarding the Eucharist.

While taking a break from cleaning I took a moment to take a look at the pictures of the Eucharist that I have. After the talk the other day, I needed to take a look not just at the ones that play constantly in the digital picture frame, but go through each one and ponder what was given. I tell you I am always amazed at how truly awesome God is and how he gave such wondrous pictures. The time that it has taken for me to truly understand exactly the importance of this gift.

I've wondered so many times why was I given something so very special when I don't feel like I truly deserve it. What a call that was!!! Just like getting hit by a spiritual two by four. Talk about an awakening, wow. So here I am witnessing by writing, since when I verbally speak I tend to trip over my own tongue. Oh dear, even when I write I do that too, but hey no one is perfect even when God asks that of us those moments of flaws stand out like a black dot on a pure white garment.

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