January 07, 2010


Doctors visits can be pleasant or they can be a time to bring about change. I had some good news with some weight loss. I was so glad about that one. Now it's time to go through some tests to find and bring about a correction to a problem I've been having. It's for a good in the long run, hoping anyway.

Reminds me of sin and how we need to root it out. We go to the Doctors to seek healing from our ailments, but many forget about the one who is the first healer, Jesus. I go to him all the time with everything in my life. Sometimes I receive consolations and at other times I receive absolutely nothing. Those are the tough times. The same can be said when we go to our Doctors and nothing seems to happen to fix the problem. I found that trusting in God's Will that he knows whats best for me helps me get through those dry days.

Just as we go to our Doctors we too also need to go to Confession to seek healing from sin. Not many go these days. The benefits of confession are remarkable and I highly recommend it for healing of the soul. Monthly visits are great, just as when we periodically go to the doctor for routine exams. If we care for our souls then those visits aren't painful, the same can be said about doctors visits if we go to keep our health in check. I think the two go hand in hand pretty well.

3 Words of Wisdom:

Faith said...

Now this is Health Care Insurance I can trust.

Anonymous said...

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Joannes Journey said...

i feel you so right, I go now to confession weekly and some time s forthnightly I find it is a consolotion to my soul and I am getting closer to God though the sacrement of confession,,,better than a dr much better thank you for the beautiful writing God bless

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