January 12, 2010


I was taking a walk with Oscar (the Pug) earlier this afternoon when we came upon the overgrown pond. I was immediately struck by the beauty of the area untouched by man or beast. Surprisingly after quite awhile since the last snow fall to find it without any prints. I couldn't help think about a moment in a conversation I had with a woman whose husband was dying. She mentioned snow and the purity of how it looks, how God does marvelous things.

I was also struck by her faith and courage in a time when many would be falling apart. Anyway, this afternoon when I saw this area in the picture below, I knew in my heart the beauty of God's loving touch and how truly pure it all looks when it snows. During the walk I began to marvel when I saw animal tracks on the way, deer, squirrel and bird, now human and dog. Then my thoughts went to another moment about keeping one's spiritual garment clean and how truly dirty and flawed it looks when it's lost its look of purity. Those moments of reflection brought to mind how sin does this to our own souls.
Maybe with some work we can attempt to make our inner garments clean and pure as the snow that God created for us to understand the newness and purity of life.

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