January 14, 2010

A Light

Having the opportunity to fast in the physical way made for a pleasant surprise during communion the other day. It's taken me a bit to accept the wonderful gift given on Wednesday morning. Last night during scripture sharing we were given a delightful story of how a son was named and from it how this family was given so very many "signs" that yes, the name chosen was supposed to be his name. Anyway, that brought me to thinking about that mornings communion and the delight I was given.

How would it even be possible to receive words that seem to have been given to Jesus when he received his baptism by John the Baptist when God revealed how pleased he was with him. How can I even compare such a moment as a gift in itself when it was made known to my heart. How does one accept being called Beloved in you I am well pleased. Realizing that having fasted prior to receiving a small piece of the Eucharist, for a long time helped in understanding this was from the one I love more than life itself. I even thought was this from me, and my own thought, but then I recalled another time when I had to fast and it was given and I placed that moment in the recesses of my mind and heart. Again with thought that what if it was my own thinking. My only thought in this regard was fearing retribution from God for such a blaphemous thought in the first place. But with so much that has been going on spiritually in my life I put that notion aside and accepted the truth that God revealed to me.

Scripture sharing last night helped to show me that God does reveal special moments to us in many ways, some receive it by verifying what they know and reinforces what God wants for them. He gives them moments of truth, consolations to provide the right path and his joy at what we do right and good. Like he did for the family in scripture sharing and how he provided his pleasure at the name they chose for their child by the many consolations given. How truly tremendous God gives on a daily basis, yet many fail each day to open their hearts, minds and souls to his divine Will. If they only knew what could be theirs.

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