January 02, 2010


Almost made it to midnight on New Years Eve with a half an hour to go when I fell asleep. I did wake up 20 minutes after midnight to eventually say hello to the New Year. But sleep soon claimed me in order so I could work on New Years Day.

We have a tradition in our family on New Years Day to ask the blessing of our Father, and if the grandfather is alive, he would be asked too when visiting him. I asked my dad for his New Years blessing to start off my day. I was so glad he was up early too. It's something very special to receive a New Years blessing from your dad.

I was thrice blessed, since the Parish Priest blesses us at Mass on New Years Day plus my dad and then through a stranger who out of the blue gave me such a beautiful New Years blessing while I was at work. He blessed me over the phone, I tell you that meant the world to me along with my dads. I sat there in total amazement that this kind man just gave me something so very special. It doesn't matter what my co-workers may think when I happened to say what I just received. Those blessings are worth so much, no one will ever realize how much they miss out on the blessings at the end of mass when they walk out early. Those blessings are just as special.

Anyway, I hope the start of this Year of our Lord 2010 has been a blessing for others as well.

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Brilliant idea

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