December 01, 2009

Take My Hand

This morning the words "take my hand" kept repeating. It's from a song sung by the Daughters of St. Paul. It's the moments of knowing from where it is and where to look for it that God gives such wonderful insight. Located it I did, it's from Sing Your Praise and the song is a Medley titled Come Into My Heart-Take My Life.

No words can ever express the moment I realized how profound our Lord can reach out. Those words, upon knowing them and the source, I responded in thought, Yes, Lord I gladly take your hand, lead me Lord.

Advent is a delightful time to prepare. This year is different in a strange sort of way. On my way to work one morning I stopped at the Post Office, when I came out I found on my seat my Time Card that is used to swipe in at work. I have kept it on my visor where CD's are placed, it doesn't fall out. I didn't hit the visor, nor did I see anything fall upon exiting the car. That morning I saw his way of saying it's time. An unusual moment but I did think exactly that, it's time. There were only a few occasions when the time card fell into my hand and those moments I failed to notice the significance. But not the morning of the other day. To think when I had a conversation with a store clerk prior to this, there was a mention about windows of opportunity and recognizing them and how some never see it and go through life having missed those momentous windows given them.

I recognized a moment and asked our Lord, if it is time then show me the way to proceed. So this morning I have some words to take his hand, and I gladly take and run like the wind in absolute joy for his unending love.

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